Friday, April 4, 2014

28 years later...

I had a birthday in March and enjoyed all kinds of messages, posts, notes, packages and surprises making it a stellar day to +1 to my age. Two of the best surprises were packages from my old roommate Lauren, now studying to be a dentist in LA, who sent me tons of mouthwash and floss samples, and Christi who had special gluten free chocolate cupcakes delivered to my door by a nice old British man from a bakery in Bath! That was amazing. I went about things as normal that day, but I did celebrate by making pupusas. Around 6:30 my doorbell rang and my neighbor kids surprised me with homemade cards and a pineapple––possibly the best gift of all. It was so succulent. Of course, the cards were really cute too.

Baby Rachel was so flexible. Baby pictures at birthdays are a favorite family tradition. Here are some my parents sent me as they reminisced about what a great baby I was.

I'll probably make this same face when I'm 90. It's also possible that when I'm 90 I'll have neither hair nor teeth. The circle of life.

I love this picture. Baby Dan and Lizzy are so excited I was born!

Dan is now less excited, Lizzy loves a good photo-op, and I'm always trying to get people in on the joke.

The face that says, "I have teeth to eat this cupcake, but let's be honest, I don't really need them."

My visiting teacher gives me the best cards. Cat on fringe carpet.

Christi Costello cupcakes! So good. I had to share them.

Homemade salsa, curtido (cabbage slaw), and queso y frijole pupusas.

A week ago my ward had a talent show put on by the missionaries. It was a huge hit, and my friend Arushi even performed a jazzy Indian dance with the Sisters whom she had dressed in saris! Two other friends from Uni were there to watch too. It was really neat to see my Uni and church life intersect like that. Almost everyone that I'm friends with at Uni has either come to church or met with the missionaries.

This is Lucy. She has an usual issue for a 5-year-old. The boys on the playground keep asking her to marry them. She sang a duet with her sister Sophia from Les Miz at the talent show.

Arushi is from New Delhi, India and is doing a MA in Neuropsychology. Sister Karyan on the left is from Armenia and Sister Steffansen is from Norway. You don't often get a chance to let loose like this as a missionary.

Arushi was working those pants.

When I saw this, I thought, why hasn't our church thought of this?? I can't wait to see Noah. I don't care what people say. Once a Russell Crowe fan, always a Russell Crowe fan.

Just thought I'd share my toast's feelings about getting eaten with eggs for breakfast.

Now that it is April, I've embraced spring, as England seems to have, and went exploring yesterday around Corsham Court during my lunch break from class. Here are some beautiful sights I stumbled on:

Sheep are very strange animals. They were just sitting and chewing incessantly. What a life.

Crazy naked tree. Its been weird hazy/foggy weather.

All is green and all is blooming right now.

Looks a little like Downton Abbey, but its Corsham Court. Daffodils pop up everywhere in the spring.

These are some ginormous trees and would be so fun to climb on.

Nice place for a wedding. 

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